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The condition causes wartlike growths in the throat, usually around the voice box. These growths usually are noncancerous but can turn malignant, and even benign ones can prove fatal if they spread to the lungs. The main treatment is surgery, usually with lasers to vaporize the growths and keep them from choking off the airway or making it tough to talk.

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“Starting in the or so, we bought computers and had them in for people to use,” Stone said. “But now, your own computer is so cheap or you have your own phone. So we broadening a little bit. There is a gigantic asterisk beside the $1,725 figure for Canadian land. Foreign ownership is restricted in the Prairies and, up until 2002, only residents of Saskatchewan could actually own land in the province. This has kept prices depressed, and opened the door for Canadian only funds to snap up assets at low prices..

Coal power plants are being shut down all over the country and just last month the second largest coal company in the country declared bankruptcy. Thirty nine percent of our electricity comes from coal, and something has to replace it. Natural gas will be the immediate beneficiary, but solar is next..

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