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First thing is we need good, high quality staff, Beaton said. Started to raise the wages of those staff [from an] average of $6 to $8 to $9 to $13. That already begun to have impact in terms of quality of the staff, and the retention rates, which have been a problem for this industry for many, many years.

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And so far, it has worked for him. He and his wife own an apartment complex and several rental houses, and they have also found success flipping homes in San Antonio. He has yet to lose money but admits not all his endeavors have been profitable. The workforce is a great choice for us.”PRUF is producing the LED or “light emitting diodes,” for big companies, like Mars, Coca Cola and Alcoa, along with the city of Waco and several school districts.The business is just one company in a small but growing local market of LED producers gaining interest from the wide variety of customers.One happy customer, Parkview Christian Academy, now has more natural looking LED to replace the traditional, sometimes humming and flickering classroom lights.”I use my chalkboard all of the time,” said second grade teacher, Jill Kolinek. “I put the daily assignments, any kind of instruction, and there no glare. Even from here, if I were to look up at the chalkboard, I can see it very clearly and the kids copy many assignments from the chalkboard.”But the appearance cheap jerseys and convenience are only the beginning of LED benefits.